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Introduction to the ME Super, Video 1 of 2

After the ME, Pentax released the ME Super as an entry-level SLR. Better than the ME and MV, the ME Super had the option for manual camera use. The function was wonky and definitely encouraged automatic mode use, but a manual option existed.

Completing largely with the Olympus cameras to be the smallest 35mm film SLRs, the ME Super was smaller than the Olympus OM-2 and OM-2N as well as most other 35mm cameras on the market. Light and reliable, the ME Super presented a valid pathway for people upgrading from automatic or point-and-shoot cameras to SLRs.

Skip the Intro: 00:07
Camera Overview: 00:14
Camera History: 1:20
Camera's Lineage: 2:22
Camera Features -- Top: 3:29
Camera Features -- Front: 7:12
Camera Features -- Bottom: 8:52
Camera Features -- Back: 9:57
Camera Features -- Inside: 10:57
Notes and Observations: 12:59
Compared to the Pentax K1000: 13:16
Compared to the Olympus OM-2N: 13:49
Some Usage Tips: 14:32
Things to Avoid Doing to Your Camera: 15:08
Please, Please Love Me: 17:01

Link to Video 2:

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stanley Phillips : I just got my ME Super from being CLA'd and its awesome
Brooke Bourgal : hi david!! thanks for posting this video it helped a lot. i have a question though my grandma just recently gave me this camera and i replaced the batteries and film and the green light comes on in the view finder but it does not take a picture. any advice?
Belhomme : my button to change the auto and manual thing is stuck, any advice ?
Mark Becker : Thanks for all of the great videos you produce. If you utilize a Pentax-A lens would it then be fully auto? Would the camera choose both aperture and shutter speed?
drail80s : Hi David, I have two of these cameras, if taking say ten pictures, and I want to change lens, can the lens be changed without the film being ruined? Thanks

Pentax ME Super

The Pentax ME Super was their attempt to compete with the venerable Canon AE-1. This solidly built camera is a good bargain. .
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Shawnee Union : If you enjoyed this video and would like to purchase this camera feel free to use this link that help support my channel too
Vikings of Vintage Audio : Thanks man!
Mark Thomson : If the battery dies or your auto settings stop working. It default to shutter speed 125. You can the continue to shoot using the “Sunny 16” method of adjusting your aperture. With that lens going down to 1.8 you still have lots of opportunities to shoot. It’s not “bricked”
CHUCKY : The only thing that would've made the ME Super better would've been if it went up to ISO 3200. It's inexplicable to me why, when older cameras like the K1000 went to 3200 that Pentax would limit the ME Super to ISO 1600
Bo Wallmark : Kamera

SMALLEST 35mm Full-Frame SLR EVER! The Pentax ME Super (SE) Review

The Pentax ME Super SE is super-compact SLR from the film era that sports great build quality, super-modern LEDs to indicate shutter speed in the viewfinder and of course compatibility with LEGENDARY Pentax KA and KM lenses! I ran into some issues with the metering system and took steps (including yet another roll of Ektar) to try to really understand whats happening and how to make the finicky metering system reliable.

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Charles Thurmond : My first camera, bought used in 1989 with a 50 1.7. I loved it and used it several times a week for several years. I liked its ergonomics better than the K-1000's. Now I want one again. That one looks great!
Jorge Gomez : Sr. I have waste some pictures using the winder, but if I use the winder as suppose to be used, it works flawlessly, besides the winder makes a nice grip, I have arthritis and helps me to easy manipulate my camera,
Film photography is fun, digital photography is not!!!!
Jorge Gomez : Please read the manual for the winder, I did after every failed, and worked.
Jorge Gomez : It is your fault that my wife got upset because I order this camera from Ebay for $140, nice review!!!!
Dominic Davis : Thank you this was a useful video! Been considering a camera to get back into photography. I'm not an expert but did it at school years ago. Your critique and working out why things are they eat they are was refreshing to see. I think I'll be buying one much appreciated


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